Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need an appointment to shoot?
All shooting lessons and mini sessions are by appointment only
Do I need a licence to shoot at WMSG?
No, while you're with a member of staff we have an exemption certificate which allows you to shoot without a shotgun certificate
Do I need a gun and cartridge?
If you do not own a shotgun we can provide these for you free of charge, we have a large selection of try/demo guns in all calibers. Cartridges can be supplied for you, we use low recoil cartridges in various calibers. You are more than welcome to bring your own cartridges without any corkage charges. We much prefer you to use fibre wad cartridge
What is the minimum age required to have a lesson?
We don’t really have a minimum age, its very dependant on size, please feel free to pop in and we can spend a few minutes to assess whether your child will manage.
What if it is raining?
We are very lucky here to be on sandy ground so rarely wet underfoot, no need for wellies though we recommend a strong walking boot. Typical Uk weather would recommend waterproofs in case. WE DO NOT CANCEL SHOOTING WHEN ITS RAINING!
Will I be charged for cancellation?
If you cancel your appointment we will endeavour to fill your appointment space, however please give us time to sell that space. We are mindful how busy modern day life is and request that you kindly give us 48 hours notice